As part of New Jersey's statewide GIS coordination program, orthoimagery is delivered in an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant web map service (WMS), which is compatible with a broad range of client software.
For one example of a free client, see:

Please be aware that there are size limits on images requested from our WMS.
To limit the load on our servers, the maximum image width and length is 3840 x 3840.
To download image tiles for other purposes, visit the Information Warehouse or see our instructions for loading a hard drive with the MrSIDs or TIFF files.

ArcGIS-Specific Instructions

One-Time Setup (for each user profile)

WMS Info

Layer Description WMS Connection URL Layer File
2017 Natural Color (1m leaf on) Link
2015 Natural color (1ft leaf off) Link
2015 Infrared (1ft leaf off) Link
2013 Natural Color (1m leaf on) Link
2012 Natural Color (1ft leaf off) Link
2012 Infrared (1ft leaf off) Link
2010 Natural Color (1m leaf on) Link
2007 Natural Color (1ft leaf off) Link
2007 Infrared (1ft leaf off) Link
2006 Natural Color (1m leaf on) Link
2002 Infrared (1ft leaf off) Link
1995 Infrared (1m leaf off) Link
1930 Black White (2m, not ortho) Link
Historical Maps Link
Color Topo 24K Link
Topo 24K Link
Topo 100K Link
1977 Tidelands Basemaps Link
1970 NJDEP Wetlands Basemap Link

Full metadata for each of the sets of imagery in the web map service is available in NJGIN Explorer on the New Jersey Geographic Information Network web site at Search for Live Data and Maps, Imagery & Base Maps, and use the year as a Title keyword.