New Jersey's 2015 orthoimagery in MrSID format (compressed, 4-band, 5000 by 5000 tiles) is now available for download from the NJ Information Warehouse, and as a WMS.

Technical Notes

All four bands are in the (MG4) SIDs.
Regular natural color display is red=1, green=2, blue=3
To display the traditional false-color infrared set them as:
Red=band 4 Green=band 1 Blue=band 2
In ArcMap this is done on the symbology tab of the layer properties window.

Removing "stretch" that ArcMap is applying to color values.
Changing an image layer already added to your map:
1. Open layer properties for that image (double-click the layer     name in Table of Contents).
2. Click to the "Symbology" tab.
3. Under "Stretch", change the type to "none" and remove the     check box next to "Apply Gamma Stretch".
4. Apply.

To change the default (per user) settings for ArcMap so it always has no stretch for any new maps created:
1. Click "Customize" on the main menu and then click "ArcMap     Options".
2. Click to the "Raster" tab.
3. Under that, click to the "Raster Layer" tab in the second row     of tabs.
4. Put a check in the "Enable Custom Rendering Defaults" box.
5. Change "Stretch Type" to None.
6. Remove the "Apply Gamma Stretch" check if there is one.
7. Apply.


AutoCAD users must select the NJ 2015 Orthophotography MG3 dataset and install the AutoDesk Raster Design Object Enabler

Other product plug-ins and a free viewer that handles MrSID images may be found on

For users requiring statewide coverage, statewide compressed imagery in MrSID format is available from the NJ Office of GIS. Requesters will need to send or drop off an external hard drive with a USB connection. The drive must be large enough to hold the data; 171GB.

The drive must be accompanied by prepaid return packaging unless the requester plans to pick it up.
Our office will copy the imagery and return the drive to the requester or hold it for pickup.
Requesters may not wait on site for imagery. Turn-around time will depend on the number of requests and other work load at the NJ Office of GIS; no specific turn-around time can be guaranteed.


Requests for imagery should be addressed to:

NJ Office of GIS
NJ Office of Information Technology
200 Riverview Plaza, PO Box 212
Trenton, NJ 08625-0212.


Questions about any of the above may be sent to NJGIN Administrator.