New Jersey's 2007 orthoimagery in both MrSID format (compressed 8-bit, 3-band, RGB natural color, 5000' by 5000' tiles) and JPEG 2000 format (compressed 8-bit, 4-band RGB plus infrared, 5000' by 5000' tiles) is now available for download from the NJ Information Warehouse. To download a free viewer that handles JPEG2000 and MrSID images, please visit Lizardtech’s site:


In addition, the NJ Office of GIS has sent county imagery (with 1000' buffers) in MrSID format to each county and requests that municipalities obtain imagery from their respective counties. There is a list of GIS county contacts on NJGIN.


For users requiring statewide coverage, statewide compressed imagery (MrSID and JPEG 2000) is available from the NJ Office of GIS. Requesters will need to send or drop off an external hard drive with USB or firewire connection. The drive must be large enough to hold the data; 50 gigabytes for MrSids and 90 gigabytes for JPEG. The drive must be accompanied by prepaid return packaging unless the requester plans to pick it up.

The NJ Office of GIS will copy the imagery and return the drive to the requester or hold it for pickup. Requesters may not wait on site for imagery. Turn-around time will depend on the number of requests and other work load at the NJ Office of GIS; no specific turn-around time can be guaranteed.


Requests for imagery should be addressed to:

Barbara Aspeling, NJ Office of GIS
NJ Office of Information Technology
200 Riverview Plaza, PO Box 212
Trenton, NJ 08625-0212.


Statewide imagery in GeoTIFF format (uncompressed, 12-bit, 4-band, 5000' by 5000' tiles) also is available from the NJ Office of GIS. A requester must supply external hard drive(s) with USB or firewire connection, large enough to hold the data (1.8 terabytes). Requests should be made the same way as described above for the compressed imagery. Requests for GeoTIFF imagery generally take longer to fulfill because of the large size of the data set.

Questions about any of the above may be sent to NJGIN Administrator.