New Jersey Geospatial Forum

The NJGF establishes a formal mechanism by which concerns of its members, from whatever sector, can be carried through the state's governance structure to decision makers at the appropriate levels. For example, a member in the grass roots of the geospatial community can bring a concern up for discussion, and if the NJGF as a whole believes it is necessary, that issue can be raised as high as the Governor's Office for action. Thus, the members of the NJGF are truly empowered.

Membership in the NJGF is open to anyone in the state who shares a common interest in geographic information and technology. The diversity in the makeup of the NJGF will help each sector to understand and visualize all the different uses of geospatial information throughout New Jersey.

An executive committee made up of 10 people representing distinct sectors of the state's geospatial community governs the NJGF. They are:

  • A federal government agency with operations in New Jersey;
  • A New Jersey university, college, or K-12 institution;
  • A New Jersey municipal government agency;
  • A New Jersey county government agency;
  • A New Jersey state government agency;
  • A private sector GIS firm licensed to do business in the State of New Jersey;
  • A regional authority or metropolitan planning organization (MPO) with operations in New Jersey;
  • A 501 New Jersey non-government organization (NGO) employing GIS in its operations;
  • A New Jersey licensed Professional Land Surveyor in good standing with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors; and
  • The State's Geographic Information Officer (non-elected).

It is through your sector representative that issues are formally brought to the NJGF and placed on the agenda for discussion. Both the NJGF and executive committee meetings are open to the public.

Task forces are an important component of the NJGF. As a need arises, the executive committee can establish a task force to meet a defined set of goals over a specific period of time. Forum members can volunteer to participate on one or many task forces.

The NJGF is a group supported in full by volunteers. It is very important for people to get involved, share their information and ideas, voice their concerns, and work together to benefit everyone involved.

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