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How to Use the Information Warehouse
1.  Select a dataset from drop down list (check box on right to add imagery to map).
2.  Search using one of the options described below. Selected tiles will be outlined in blue on map and listed in Selection Panel to right of map.
3.  Select tile(s) to be downloaded by checking respective box(es) and clicking on Add Items to Cart. Selected tiles will be outlined in red on map.
4.  Click on cart to retrieve list of your Carto-Cart items.
5.  Select file to be downloaded. Some data are available in more than one format. Files must be downloaded individually.
Remove individual items in Carto-Cart by clicking on in front of item. To remove all items, click Delete All. Once downloads are complete, delete items in Carto-Cart before beginning new search or adding new items to cart.

Search Options
Search by Address
Enter street address, cross street (optional), city OR zip code. Press Search.
Search with Interactive Map Tools
Select by Point – Use this tool, if you know the exact location you want. Click on Select by Point icon and then a point on map.
Select by Line – Use this tool to locate tiles along linear features such as roads, waterways, or rail lines. Click on Select by Line icon, then go to map and draw a line by repeatedly clicking and moving your cursor. Double click to release cursor.
Select by Polygon – Use this tool to find tiles within a specific geometric area such as a park, neighborhood or building lot. Click on Select by Polygon icon, then go to map and draw a polygon by clicking at each corner of polygon. Double click to release cursor.
Search by Municipality
Begin typing name of municipality in search box. As you enter letters, names of municipalities (and respective counties) will appear beneath search box. Click on your selection and press Search.
Search by Tile ID
Enter tile number (case sensitive) or DOQ code into search box and press Search.
Search by Coordinates
You can search by either point coordinates (X and Y coordinates) or extent coordinates (the minimum and maximum X and Y coordinates that define area of interest) by checking appropriate box. Enter coordinate numbers and press Search.