Hospital point locations in New Jersey as of 2017-01  
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Hospital point locations in New Jersey as of 2017-01
  Theme:   njfw_critical, hospital, health care, inpatient, emergency, health, structure 
  Place:   New Jersey, NJ 
  Abstract:  Point locations and limited attributes for hospitals of all types (acute care, rehabilitation, psychiatric, specialty), federally-qualified health centers, and satellite emergency departments, in New Jersey. Nursing homes and most standalone urgent care centers are not included. The point locations and most of the attributes are derived as periodic output from the NJ Department of Health (NJ DOH) Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (Hippocrates) system.
  Purpose:  This spatial data set is intended for general cartographic use. Users who require real-time hospital status data should contact the NJ Department of Health Hippocrates system for access.
  Supplemental Information:  Corrections made to the data should be reported back to Hippocrates steward.
Publisher Information
  Publisher:   NJ Office of Information Technology (NJOIT), Office of Geographic Information Systems (OGIS) 
  Publication Place:   PO Box 212, Trenton, NJ, 08625-0212, US 
  Publication Date:   20170113 
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Spatial Domain:
  West Coordinate:   -75.486147 
  East Coordinate:   -73.966008 
  North Coordinate:   41.207055 
  South Coordinate:   39.084118 
  Coverage Area:   New Jersey 
Spatial Data Information:
  Data Type:   Vector 
  Data Format:   shapefile 
  Data Projection:   NAD 1983 2011 StatePlane New Jersey FIPS 2900 Ft US 
  Data Scale:   1:2400 
Status of the Data:
  Progress:   Complete 
  Data Update Frequency:   Quarterly 
Data Storage and Access Information:
  Access Constraints:  None
  Use Constraints:  See Dates, Purpose, Data Quality, Constraint, and Distribution sections in this metadata record for conditions that limit appropriate uses. Acknowledgement of the data set providers, NJ Dept. of Health (NJ DOH), Office of Information Technology Services (OITS), Hippocrates system; and NJ Office of Information Technology, Office of Geographic Information Systems (NJOIT - OGIS), would be appreciated for maps, data or other products derived from this data set. See Legal Constraints, Limitations of Use (Distribution Liability) for legal disclaimer.
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