NJ Composite of Parcels Data with Joined MOD-IV Attributes 2016, New Jersey State Plane NAD83  
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NJ Composite of Parcels Data with Joined MOD-IV Attributes 2016, New Jersey State Plane NAD83
  Theme:   municipality, municipalities, counties, block, county, parcel, blocks, boundary, lots, lot, municipal, boundaries, parcels, njfw_cadastral, planningCadastre, planningCadastre, boundaries 
  Place:   USA, New Jersey, NJ, Atlantic County, Bergen County, Burlington County, Camden County, Cape May County, Cumberland County, Essex County, Gloucester County, Hudson County, Hunterdon County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Ocean County, Passaic County, Salem County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County, Warren County 
  Abstract:  This spatial layer is a composite of tax parcel polygons, edgematched across most municipal boundaries. It serves as one of the statewide framework GIS data sets for New Jersey. It is compatible with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury MOD-IV system currently used by Tax Assessors. The composite is created from component data sets from 21 counties. All 21 counties in NJ have now been edgematched. Stewardship and maintenance of the data will continue to be the purview of county and municipal governments, but the statewide composite will be maintained by the NJ Office of Information Technology, Office of Geographic Information Systems (NJOIT - OGIS). Please note that these parcel data sets are not intended for use as tax maps. They are intended to provide reasonable representations of parcel boundaries for planning and other purposes.
  Purpose:  This layer was created to provide basic information regarding property location and ID. The normalized parcels data were developed to be compatible with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury Property Assessment Management System (PAMS) and the MOD-IV system. Attributes have been included from the MOD-IV system where a match could be made confidently between the parcel data and the statewide MOD-IV table, for ease of use of the MOD-IV data in geospatial programs.
  Supplemental Information:  Attributes in this feature class table include parcel attributes specified in the New Jersey GIS Parcel Mapping Standard, available for download at http://njgin.nj.gov/NJParcelStandards/NJGISParcelMappingStandard.pdf. Additional attributes include a large sub-set of information from matched MOD-IV records as published for public use by NJ Department of the Treasury, Division of Taxation. Please note that the LAST_YR_TX attribute lists property tax amounts for 2014, the year prior to the extract date of the latest published MOD-IV data (2015). Approximately 15% of the parcel records do not have matching MOD-IV data. This is due mainly to temporal mis-matches between the data sets and to the way data are organized in MOD-IV (multiple-lot properties with one tax bill are listed only once). There also are errors in the parcel data. Approximately 0.2% (5185) of parcels have a duplicated PAMS_PIN value. This will prevent the parcel from matching with the appropriate MODIV record. Approximately 0.1% of parcels have PAMS_PIN values that do not equal the concatenation of the CODE, BLOCK, LOT & QCODE fields. Kinnelon Borough in Morris County has no parcels that have a matching MODIV record, due to a municipal wide block and lot re-numbering that was done after the pulication date of the Morris County parcels. Asbury Park and Neptune Township were excluded from the Parcel to MODIV matching process, since the match rates for both municipalities were below 10%.Normalization of the parcels data utilized 2008 statewide municipal boundaries data, provided by OGIS, as the spatial framework within which to align the parcel data. The resulting, normalized parcels data accurately and correctly edgematch at and across most municipal boundaries except as noted above. Improvements to the municipal boundaries data were made during this process (nj_munis; later Govt_admin_municipal_bnd.) New municipal, county and state boundaries data sets were released in March 2010 by OGIS, with the most current update in late-2015. The county parcel datasets are available for download from the New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN) web site download page at https://njgin.state.nj.us/NJ_NJGINExplorer/DataDownloads.jsp. Also available separately are county-wide tables of property ownership and tax information extracted from the State of New Jersey Division of Taxation MOD-IV data base. A GIS_PIN has been constructed for each record in a manner consistent with the PAMS_PIN definition, in order to provide a join field. Please note cautions about performing this join; the attribute PIN_NODUP should be used. MOD-IV provides for the uniform preparation, maintenance, presentation and storage of property tax information required by the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, New Jersey Statutes and rules promulgated by the Director of the Division of Taxation. MOD-IV maintains and updates all assessment records, and produces all statutorily required tax lists. This list accounts for all parcels of real property as delineated and identified on each municipality's official Tax Map, as well as taxable values and descriptive data for each parcel.
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  Publisher:   NJ Office of Information Technology, Office of Geographic Information Systems (NJOIT - OGIS) 
  Publication Place:   Trenton, NJ 
  Publication Date:   20160720 
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Spatial Domain:
  West Coordinate:   -75.587077 
  East Coordinate:   -73.899185 
  North Coordinate:   41.357073 
  South Coordinate:   38.920659 
  Coverage Area:   USA 
Spatial Data Information:
  Data Type:   Vector 
  Data Format:   Downloadable Personal geodatabase (mdb), Downloadable Personal geodatabase (mdb), Downloadable Shapefile, Offline File Geodatabase, ArcGIS REST map service, Cached Esri tiled REST basemap service 
  Data Projection:   NAD 1983 StatePlane New Jersey FIPS 2900 Feet 
Status of the Data:
  Progress:   Complete 
  Data Update Frequency:   Irregular 
Data Storage and Access Information:
  Access Constraints:  None
  Use Constraints:  The data sets that make up the statewide composite of parcels data are not survey documents and should not be used as such. The spatial data (polygons) do not represent legal boundaries. Acknowledgement of the data set provider, NJ Office of Information Technology, Office of Geographic Information Systems (NJOIT - OGIS), would be appreciated for maps, data or other products derived from this data set. See Distribution Liability for additional constraints.
  Online Linkage:  https://njgin.state.nj.us/NJ_NJGINExplorer/index.jsp

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