New Jersey 2007 - 2008 High Resolution Orthophotography, JPEG2000 5K Tiles (2009 revision)  
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New Jersey 2007 - 2008 High Resolution Orthophotography, JPEG2000 5K Tiles (2009 revision)
  Theme:   imageryBaseMapsEarthCover, digital imagery, digital orthophotography, digital ortho imagery, orthophoto, multi-spectral imagery, color infrared, rectified image, rectification, 4 band, 8 bit, JPEG2000, Digital Elevation Model, Digital Terrain Model, digital image map, aerial photograph, aerial photography, basemap, digital land base, remote sensing 
  Place:   New Jersey, Atlantic County, Bergen County, Burlington County, Camden County, Cape May County, Cumberland County, Essex County, Gloucester County, Hudson County, Hunterdon County, Mercer County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Ocean County, Passaic County, Salem County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County, Warren County, Mid Atlantic, East Coast, US, NJ 
  Abstract:  Digital orthophotography of New Jersey in State Plane Coordinate System NAD83 Coordinates, U.S. Survey Feet. Multi-spectral digital orthophotography was produced at a scale of 1:2400 (1"=200') with a 1 foot pixel resolution for The State of New Jersey totaling approximately 8,162 square miles. A redelivery of major urban areas in 2009 incorporates off-axis-flight images captured in 2007 and 2008. See process step for details, and browse graphic for map of areas.Digital orthophotography combines the image characteristics of a photograph with the geometric qualities of a map. Digital orthophotography is a process which converts a digitized perspective aerial photograph or other remotely sensed image data to a digital product that has been rectified for camera lens distortion, vertical displacement caused by terrain relief and variations in aircraft altitude and orientation. Aerial photography of the entire State of New Jersey was captured during March-May, 2007. Two flight dates (4-30-07 and 5-3-07) were rejected from the original 2007 flight due to excessive leaf conditions. Spring 2008 re-flights were planned and acquired in three missions dating: April 3rd, 10th and 15th of 2008. The final orthophotos for parts of Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex, Passaic, Essex, Union and all of Bergen and Hudson Counties were created utilizing both years of imagery. The DMC large format digital camera captures four band (RGB and NIR) imagery at 12 bits per pixel. For software compatibility a linear stretch was applied to expand the bit depth from 12 to 16 in order to facilitate the display of the imagery in ArcGIS. The ortho-rectification process achieved a +/-4.0 ft. horizontal accuracy at a 95% confidence level, National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy (NSSDA). This dataset was derived from 16-bit, 4-band (RGB and NIR), uncompressed, GeoTIFF images and consists of ortho photo tiles adhering to the State of New Jersey's 5,000 x 5,000' ortho photo tile index formatted as compressed, 8-bit, 4-band (RGB and NIR), orthophoto image tiles in lossy JPEG2000 (at 10:1 compression).
  Purpose:  Aerial survey of the State of New Jersey. Orthophotos serve a variety of purposes, from interim maps to field references for earth science investigations and analysis. The digital orthophoto is useful as a layer of a geographic information system and as a tool for revision of digital line graphs and topographic maps.
  Supplemental Information:  Reprocessed tiles of limited parts of the state were delivered in two batches in spring of 2009, and several batches in fall of 2009. The reprocessing was done using imagery collected in 2007 and 2008. See Process Steps and Browse Graphics for details.
Publisher Information
  Publisher:   NJ Office of Information Technology (NJOIT), Office of Geographic Information Systems (OGIS) 
  Publication Place:   Trenton, NJ 
  Publication Date:   200810 
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Spatial Domain:
  West Coordinate:   -75.570555 
  East Coordinate:   -73.901666 
  North Coordinate:   41.356944 
  South Coordinate:   38.927499 
  Coverage Area:   New Jersey 
Spatial Data Information:
  Data Type:   Raster 
  Data Format:   MrSID 3 band natural color 5K tiles, JPEG2000 4 band natural color and NIR 5K tiles 
  Resolution:   X Axis - 1.0, Y Axis - 1.0, Units - survey feet  
Status of the Data:
  Progress:   Complete 
  Data Update Frequency:   Five Years 
Data Storage and Access Information:
  Access Constraints:  None
  Use Constraints:  None; acknowledgment of "NJ Office of Information Technology (NJOIT), Office of Geographic Information Systems (OGIS)" as the data source would be appreciated. Reference date for this data set in a citation should be 2007 - 2008.In order to view the JPEG2000 images, three of the four bands must be selected in the user's viewer software, and each of the three bands assigned to a color. Appropriate selections are shown below:For natural color display:band 1 - redband 2 - greenband 3 - blueFor false color infrared display:band 4 - redband 1 - greenband 2 - blue
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