NJ State Legislators, Senate and Assembly, by District, 2016 - 2017 (Legislative Roster)  
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  Theme:   roster, state assembly, Legislative, assembly, districts, NJ State Legislature, legislative, state senate, Legislative Roster, senate, boundaries 
  Place:   New Jersey, NJ 
  Abstract:  The Leglslative Roster table lists NJ Legislative districts and the members of the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly who represent them for the 2016 - 2017 two-year Legislative Session. This table can be joined to NJ Legislative District polygon data using the legislative district ID field. The appropriate version of the legislative district boundaries to use for this join is that of the 2011 reapportionment (either official; or unofficial, reprojected version.) This table is republished occasionally in between elections, when updates are delivered by the Office of Legislative Services. The download package includes reference tables for committees and leadership positions.Two lookup tables are published with the roster table. See Supplemental Information for details.
  Purpose:  The Legislative Roster table was created to supply representation information to the general public and to Geographic Information System users. By using a joined table which will be updated periodically, GIS users will not have to replace the entire spatial data set every two years after each election.
  Supplemental Information:  The full data set and download package include tables Govt_admin_legroster, the legislative roster; Govt_admin_legrcte, lookup table for committee abbreviations; and Govt_admin_legrlead, lookup table for leadership position abbreviations.The download package includes the same three tables in an Excel workbook.Committee and Leadership reference tables have been imported to domains in the downloadable geodatabase. The domains have been applied to the appropriate fields in Govt_admin_legroster.
Publisher Information
  Publisher:   NJ Office of Information Technology (NJOIT), Office of Geographic Information Systems (OGIS) 
  Publication Place:   Trenton, NJ 
  Publication Date:   20160309 
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Spatial Domain:
  West Coordinate:   -75.593442 
  East Coordinate:   -73.876637 
  North Coordinate:   41.357588 
  South Coordinate:   38.785047 
  Coverage Area:   New Jersey 
Spatial Data Information:
  Data Format:   .gdb, Web page 
Time period for which the data is relevant:
  Beginning Date:   20160112 
  Ending Date:   20170110 
Status of the Data:
  Progress:   Complete 
  Data Update Frequency:   Annually 
Data Storage and Access Information:
  Access Constraints:  None
  Use Constraints:  See the balance of the metadata, particularly Purpose, Data Quality, Constraints, and Distribution sections for conditions that limit appropriate uses. Acknowledgement of the data set providers,NJ Office of Legislative Services (NJ OLS); and NJ Office of Information Technology (NJOIT), Office of Geographic Information Systems (OGIS), would be appreciated for maps, data or other products derived from this data set.
  Online Linkage:  http://njgin.state.nj.us/oit/gis/download/LegRoster.zip

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