Getting Started

To get started looking at the wired broadband coverage in New Jersey, either choose a County or enter the address of interest below.

For more details on using the application, please click on the 'Help' tab for more guidance in using the application

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This table is populated when you click on the map or geocode an address.
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To see summary information, please select a County or Municipality from the drop downs on the left.
Getting Results

There are many ways to get information regarding the wired broadband coverage for a specific area in the application. Users can:

  • Enter and Address
  • Choose a County and Municipality from the drop down lists
  • Click on the map
Depending on the method used to select a location, different levels of information are presented. The 'Location Information' tab returns specific information about service providers for a location that is defined by either clicking on the map or entering an address. The 'Summary Results' tab show more general information for the County or Municiaplity selected. The 'Summary Results' is also populated with information about the Municipality when a location determined though geocoding an address or clicking on a map.

Map Layer Information

The wired broadband coverage data was delivered to the State by a consultant that compiled all of the information from individual service providers. The information was collected to the 2009 US Census Bureau version of the 2000 US Census Block Groups. The layers used in this application were derived from that data. Users can see different views of the data by selecting the radio button next to the layer name.


Double-click on the map to zoom in, and drag to pan. Hold down the shift key and drag to zoom to a particular area.