Site Evaluator Help Section
Use the Site Evaluator to evaluate potential business locations in New Jersey.
  • Find a specific location on the map
  • Display information related to that location
  • Generate and print reports to evaluate the site
Map Navigation Tools
Double-click on the map to zoom in, and drag to pan. Hold down the shift key and drag to zoom to a particular area.
Find a Location
Find a specific location on the map one of two ways:
1. Address – Enter street address, cross street (optional) and city name OR zip code and press Search. Your location on the map will be designated by .
2. Location Tool – Click on , then click on a point on the map. Your selected location will be designated by and an address, if available, will appear in the "Results" panel.
Display Information
Data layers from the following categories can be displayed on the map. Only one category can be active at a time.
  • Environmental
  • Economic Growth/Planning
  • Work Force/Demographics
Transportation layers including rail and airport locations can also be displayed on the map for each category. You can add aerial imagery by clicking the in the upper right corner of the map.
Legend – a legend that explains the colors/patterns/symbols depicted on the map can be viewed by expanding the legend panel in the bottom of the map.
Data Layers
  • Click on to see the list of a category's data layers
  • Activate a data layer by zooming in (see Map Navigation Tools above) until the data layer name is visible.
  • Display a data layer(s) on the map by checking the box in front of its name. Multiple data layers can be selected.
  • Each time you check or uncheck a data layer, you must redraw the map by clicking on (Insert refresh button icon).
Information about each data layer can be accessed by clicking on to the right of the data layer name. This information can be accessed even before the data layer is active.
Generate a report
You can view the information represented on the map by selecting a category in the Location Info panel to the right of the map. To print a PDF copy of a report, click the Printable Report tab, then check the categories for your report and if you want to include a map.